High School Musical: The Series has made studio history with its first-ever same-sex love song.

In the latest episode, Carlos Rodriguez (Frankie Rodriguez) wrote a love song for his boyfriend Seb (Joe Serafini) after the latter opened up about feeling insecure in their relationship.

The song, titled In a Heartbeat, shines a spotlight on Carlos’s love for Seb. In the song, the choreographer serenades his boyfriend with lyrics like “I wish you knew you were fantastic” and “When all said and done you’ll always be the one.”

The romantic song ends with the two lovebirds dancing in each other’s arms.

In a recent interview with EW, Frankie and Joe opened up about their initial reactions when they found out about the history-making song.

“I was so happy. It settles in later because when you’re there, you’re working and it’s part of the job. But now that people are seeing the show…it means a lot,” Frankie said.

“It’s very special and I hope that people are able to connect with it. I’m just hoping that this is like a blueprint for what else is to come and what else they can explore.”

The two Disney stars also discussed the importance of being role models for young LGBTQ+ viewers.

“The fact that we get to be that representation that we definitely did not get to see growing up on a platform like Disney with a popular franchise, it means a lot,” Frankie exclaimed.

Joe echoed the same sentiment, stating: “Yeah and it’s just so important to have people to look up to, especially if you’re in a situation or environment that’s maybe less accepting.”

He continued: “To see that, if I am feeling these feelings, other people are too and there’s hope. There’s someone to look towards.”

But what makes the moment between Carlos and Seb even more romantic is the relationship between Frankie and Joe behind the camera.

Towards the end of their interview with EW, the two actors talked about dating each other in real life.

“We started as good friends and just slowly realized, hmm, maybe we should go on a date or something,” Joe revealed.

Frankie goes on to say that their “built-in dynamic” off-screen has spilt into their character’s relationship.

“Even when we’re in the background that day and we’re just making eye contact with each other… it just adds another layer of comfortability,” he explained.

The Seblos supremacy is real y’all.

Watch a sneak peek of the heartfelt performance below.

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