Spoilers ahead for The L Word: Generation Q season three. 

The Book of Boba Fet star Jennifer Beals has reduced her role on The L Word: Generation Q.

On 20 November, the critically acclaimed LGBTQ+ series made its grand return after an explosive season two finale –  which featured Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) going to rehab and Shane (Katherine Moennig) solidifying her romance with Tess (Jamie Clayton). 

In true L Word fashion, an array of shocking moments has transpired in the first two episodes of season three, including a heartwarming reconciliation between Tina (Laurel Holloman) and Bette (Beals).

However the reunion was a bittersweet occasion for fans, due to the two characters deciding to leave Los Angeles and move to Toronto, Canada at the end of episode two. 

Because of Bette’s romantic grand gesture, Beals will no longer appear in every episode of the current season. 

But don’t fret! The Flashdance star and the series’ showrunner have reassured fans that this isn’t the end for Tina and Bette in The L Word universe. 

“I’m making space for other stories. The whole point of The L Word: Generation Q was to tell these new stories,” Beals explained in a recent interview with UPI. 

She also added that she was proud of her character and the growth she had experienced since first her first appearance in the original L Word series. 

“I think of her as like a Jedi trying to take advantage of that small little window to allow something to happen. To do that, there’s an element of self-mastery that has to come,” she said.

In an additional interview with The Daily Beast, Generation Q showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan echoed similar sentiments before teasing a “big event” will result in their return. 

“There’s is a huge event coming for them. They are not gone, and their story continues this season,” she said. 

In the same interview, Beals added: “I want to see them earn what they’re aspiring towards. Obviously, we head off to Toronto, but I want to see them earn it, and I love watching them trying to figure out how to parent.” 

So it’s not a goodbye, just a see you later, and we can definitely get with that. 

You can watch the current season of The L Word: Generation Q season three on Showtime.