Instagram: @elitenetflix
Instagram: @elitenetflix

Èlite star André Lamoglia has spilt the tea about the show’s upcoming seventh season and the absence of Manu Rios’ character. 

Earlier this year, Ríos shocked fans of the popular teen drama when he announced his departure from the series. 

“I believe that everything that begins has its end. As an actor, you want to do different things,” he explained in an interview with Fotogramas.

“Although Èlite has been an incredible experience, and I am very grateful for everything it has brought, there are also times when it is necessary to move on from that stage, change the page, and do other things.”

From season four to season six, the 24-year-old talent played openly gay student Patrick Blanco Commerford. 

In the wake of Ríos departure, fans have been eager to find out how Patrick’s absence will affect Lamoglia’s character Iván Carvalho, who was his lover in the fifth and sixth seasons. 

Fortunately, the Brazilian actor shared new details about what fans can expect from Èlite season seven during an interview with Quem.

“In the sixth season, the character of Manu Rios, Iván’s romantic partner, says goodbye to the series, and new love conflicts appear,” he revealed.  


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 The 26-year-old talent also said that the new batch of episodes will feature a more “reactive” Iván, who is dealing with the aftermath of his turbulent relationship with Patrick.

“I think the most challenging thing is, each season, to align the essence of Iván’s personality with the changes that have been happening to him by the traumatic situation he lived in the sixth season… caused the character to change his way of reacting to situations, becoming, in fact, more reactive,” he explained. 

“It is as if this shell created by suffering made him develop other sides of his own personality, which had not yet been accessed before.” 

The seventh season of Èlite is set to premiere on 28 October and will see the return of Omar Ayuso as his beloved character Omar Shanaa.

“[The producers] suggested that I return, and I agreed. I’ve come back from a personal place, I’m enjoying working on this series more than ever,” Ayuso previously told GAY TIMES, before joking that Netflix would “fire” him “outright” if he spilled any information on his highly-anticipated comeback.

In addition to Ayuso, the new season will welcome an array of new actors, including Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Líndez, Iván Mendes, Alejandro Albarracín, Maribel Verdú and Brazilian pop icon Anitta.