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Wilmon stans, unite: the sophomore season of Young Royals has finally hit Netflix and yes, there’s even more gut-wrenching, tear-jerking and adorable moments between our favourite Swedish queer teen duo.

Following the dramatic events of season one, which cracked the top 10 of various English-language countries around the world and catapulted its cast to global superstardom (just check their Instagram followings), Wilhelm (Edvin Ryding) and Simon (Omar Rudberg) return to Hillerska Boarding School and come to terms with the aftermath of their leaked sex tape, as well as the former’s resistance to ascending to the Swedish throne.

Speaking with GAY TIMES, Omar said he “fucking screamed with happiness” when he read the season two scripts because he lived for the “drama”, adding: “Give me some tea, girl. This season never gets boring.” He wasn’t fibbing, season two is Young Royals is the show at its most scandalous.

In celebration of Wilmon’s return, here are 10 of their best moments from season two – it goes without saying, but massive spoilers ahead.

“You’re supposed to say the ‘Crown Prince’”

Wilhelm displays a feistier new side (and haircut!) in the first episode when he tells – or rather, orders – August, his cousin and former best friend who leaked the intimate video of him and Simon, to address him as the “Crown Prince” from this moment on; eliciting a shocked response from the rest of the Hillerska students (and a ‘yaaas!’ from viewers). August, embarrassed, continues to tell Wilhelm – THE CROWN PRINCE – that he cannot enter the third-year celebrations, to which he responds with the utmost conviction: “Challenge me. Tell me what to do. See what happens.” This scene showcases a ballsier new side to the future King of Sweden and sets the stage for a severe second season. 

Wilhelm and Simon reunite, finally!

Shortly after Wilhelm makes a mockery of his new nemesis – which we loved to see, we should add – he reunites with Simon for the first time since he awkwardly refused to reciprocate his proclamation of love in the closing moments of season one. The sound of thumping electronic music fades out in favour of more serene, idyllic sounds as the two intensely lock eyes from across the room. It’s the moment we’ve all waited a year for. Shame their phones weren’t turned off, huh? 

Wilhelm breaks tradition

At the first luncheon of the year, Wilhelm continues to defy Hillerska’s outdated traditions (and August) as he leaves the table to collect some food. After being informed by August that “third-years go first”, Wilhelm initiates a vote on the hierarchical practice as he asks the room: “Who thinks we should stop serving the third-years, and instead, everyone can eat whenever they want?” A tense – we repeat, tense – stand-off between Wilhelm and August results in the latter dissolving the rule to the surprise of his loyal followers. Wilhelm didn’t come to play this season! Which brings us onto… 

Wilhelm defies the queen

Her Majesty’s entourage burst into the middle of Wilhelm’s class and demand he pack his bags and leave Hillerska as a result of ‘threatening’ the Royal Family (so dramatic) A physical exchange between Wilhelm and Malin, a bodyguard, leads to a phone call with his mother, where she warns him that his recent conduct and secret relationship with Simon is a danger to their pristine image. Because Wilhelm breathes power this season, he emerges victorious and stays at Hillerska without his bodyguards; one of his “non-negotiable” terms. 

“I cannot be your secret again”

With Wilhelm’s place at Hillerska secure, he informs Simon that the two can pursue a romantic relationship in secret until he turns 18. “Do you really think that I’m gonna sit around waiting for you for two years?” Simon (rightfully) tells his former beau, reminding him that he “couldn’t even be honest” about his involvement in the leaked video that saw his life invaded by the press while Wilhelm got away scot-free. Simon, who knows his worth, continues: “I cannot be your secret again.” We love you, Wilhelm, but Simon was right for this.

Simon’s Song

For the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, Simon writes a new version of the classic Hillis song with added lyrics such as, “They say all wounds heal with time / You know it hurt / I gave up on myself / So fucking lost till I found my way.” Clearly referencing his heartbreak over Wilhelm, the revised track receives praise from his teacher. No surprise there, Omar Rudberg’s vocals are heavenly. Stream his latest album, OMR, now! Or else! 

Wilmon (momentarily) reunite

Moments before he performs Simon’s Song in front of the school, Hillerska’s most acclaimed singer-songwriter and future Grammy winner pursues Wilhelm in the courtyard to discuss how “everything got so messed up” in their relationship. Dreamy, ambient music makes a return as the duo lock lips and seemingly reconcile, with the moment cut short by Simon’s rebound Marcus. Joining the choir, Simon performs his track to the elation of Wilhelm and it’s all very cute. Wilmon 4ever.

The curtains WILL be drawn this time!

Wilmon’s reconciliation continues to develop in the final moments of episode five when the duo make love, not before Wilhelm recognises that his bedroom curtain – the root of all their problems – isn’t drawn. Fans celebrated the characters’ development in regards to their sordid history with curtains; one tweeted “THE CURTAIN THANK THE LORD” while another wrote, “I cried when he closed the curtains. I have never cried over curtains before.” We are so proud of you, Wilmon, so proud.

“Get down on your knees!”

After August recruits Alexander to take the fall for the leaked video, Wilhelm pays tribute to Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande’s R&B classic Get On Your Knees as he confronts August – shotgun in hand. “I’m still the Crown Prince, not you,” he reaffirms, before demanding, “Get down on your knees!” Wilhelm proceeds to spit on the ground in-front of August. We don’t condone violence or shotgun usage of any kind, but c’mon… Edvin demolished this scene. Emmy, now!

“I love you” / “It was me in that video”

A rather angsty season of Young Royals concludes with Wilhelm admitting to the press that it was him in the video with Simon, moments after Simon tells him that he wants to be with him – in secret or not – and finally confesses his love. (We did cry, yes.) “It was a moment I didn’t want to share with anyone else, so I lied about it, but it was me,” Wilhelm says in his Jubilee speech, before turning around and smiling at Simon, who reciprocates with a relieved smile of his own. After all the drama between the two, all the secrets, threats and momentary lapses in judgement with other potential love interests, we finally reached – in the words of fans – “Wilmon endgame”. Bring on season three. Confirm it now. Netflix, confirm… it… now.

Young Royals season 2 is now streaming worldwide on Netflix. 

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