ITVX has released the first trailer for its new teen drama series, Tell Me Everything, which explores the complexities and chaos of growing up in small-town Britain in the 2020s.

Premiering exclusively on GAY TIMES, the trailer gives us our first glimpse at the Skins-style show which is set to follow the characters as they deal with sexuality, mental health, grief and anxiety – all as they tackle the evergrowing pressure of living under the microscope of social media.

Tell Me Everything centers around Jonny Murphy (Eden H Davies), a 16-year-old who is struggling to hide his undiagnosed depression and anxiety from those closest to him – including best friends Louis (Spike Fearn) and Neve (Lauryn Ajufo) – after a tragic incident takes place.

Everything changes when he meets and falls in love with Mei (Callina Liang) before being drawn to a troubling new world with new friends Regan (Tessa Lucille) and Zia (Carla Woodcock).

“Jonny’s story reminded me a lot of me in certain ways,” Davies said of his character. “As an actor you are always desperately trying to find bits of yourself in a character. I really clicked with him instantly.”

Robert Wulff-Cochrane and Camilla Campbell, the same commissioners who ordered Skins more than a decade ago, serve as executive producers on the new series.

“Part of the joy of Tell Me Everything is it is set in Welwyn Garden City, as an ‘everyplace’ that represents the quirky oddness of this nation,” said Wulff-Cochrane. “With its slightly suburban landscape it felt like a truthful representation of what it feels like to be a teenager in this country. Where fun is just over the horizon, so instead you’ve got to make your own.”

Campbell added that the tone of the show is “a very difficult one to pull off,” further explaining: “I think you do need the authority of truth and I think the black humour of this feels like something new and different about this show.”

Mark O’Sullivan, the creator of Tell Me Everything, will star in the series as Mr Horrocks – a media studies teacher turned guidance counsellor.

He said the main character, Jonny, is “loosely based” on him as a teenager.

“My kids and their friends have been informal consultants since I started writing Tell Me Everything, and I hope they feel like their lives are reflected honestly and accurately in it (they’ve definitely learned not to say anything too catchy around me – some of my favourite lines have come from them),” he revealed.

All six episodes of Tell Me Everything will premiere on ITVX, ITV’s new, free streaming service, on 8 December before transferring to ITV2 at a later date.

You can watch the trailer in full below or by clicking here.