Munroe Bergdorf and Tayce have praised their Queerpiphany guest Yasmin Finney for her impact on trans youth.

After being catapulted to fame as Elle Argent on Netflix’s acclaimed coming-of-age series Heartstopper, the actress has become one of the media’s most prominent trans women with various fashion campaigns and confirmed roles in Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary special and Yungblud’s upcoming short film.

“It’s amazing to see her shining,” says Munroe. “I saw her in a campaign for NYX Cosmetics with Tayce and I reached out to her like, ‘If you need any advice or you’re feeling overwhelmed with anything,’ because there’s not that many – if any – Black trans women in the media.

“I can’t name that many so I was like, ‘You’ve got a sister in me, and if you need any advice, I’m here.’ I feel like it’s a massive weight off my shoulders, not being the only Black trans woman in these spaces.”

The trailblazing model and activist, who marched hand-in-hand with Yasmin earlier this year at London Trans Pride, says she has taken all of her success “like a duck to water,” and commended how she’s used her platform to “empower” trans and queer youth “on both sides of the Atlantic.”

“I’m really hoping that her success opens the door to more trans people,” continues Munroe, “especially trans POC, to gain success in the industry and inspire other people to go after their dreams too.”

Crediting Heartstopper as her standout queer pop culture moment of the year, Tayce says Yasmin and her character on the series “shows trans youth that they can do these amazing things no matter where you are or who you are.”

“The youth are going to be growing up with shows like this now and hopefully the world will heal a bit and get better,” adds the Drag Race UK star. 

“Let’s get out all these oldies that are set in their ways and don’t know what it means to be queer and all the greatness that goes along with it. These kids are now growing up with Drag Race and Heartstopper and will be light-minded and open-minded. It can only go up from here. Hopefully!”

The Queerpiphany season two premiere, starring Yasmin, is now available on YouTube. In the episode, Yasmin teases her groundbreaking role as a “15-year-old trans girl” in Doctor Who, her newfound responsibilities in the public eye and being inspired by Munroe as a child.

Queerpiphany sees Munroe and Tayce sit down with an array of stars from the LGBTQ+ community to discuss iconic moments in pop culture that helped them come to terms with their queerness.

Guests for the remaining episodes of season two include MNEK, Kitty Scott-Claus, Shon Faye, Layton Williams and Lava La Rue.

New episodes of Queerpiphany are available every Thursday on MTV UK YouTube.

You can watch the season two premiere here or below.