Sherry Cola is “ready to read some fan-fiction” about Lolo and Kat from Joy Ride. 

Directed by Adele Lim, the universally-acclaimed comedy stars Cola, Ashley Park, Stephanie Hsu and Sabrina Wu as four mismatched chums on a bonkers and debauchery-filled adventure to China.

Joy Ride was lauded for the chemistry between the four leads, its raunchy sequences and trailblazing depiction of Asian-American women in the genre.

Following the film’s international release, audiences have been ‘shipping’ Cola’s sex-positive artist character Lolo with Kat, a famous Chinese actress played by Everything Everywhere All At Once star Stephanie Hsu.

GIVE ME THE JOY RIDE SEQUEL NOW AND GIVE ME THE KAT AND LOLO GAY ARC,” said one enthusiastic viewer, while another tweeted: “Thought Lolo and Kat were gonna fuck like why did they give them sm weird sexual chemistry.”

Although the two initially come into conflict with each other, Cola acknowledges there’s a lot of “sexual tension” between the characters – particularly in a scene where they engage in a slap battle.

“That was foreplay. That was an aphrodisiac. That could be its own little spin-off,” Cola tells GAY TIMES.

“Oh listen, I’m ready to read some fan-fiction about Lolo and Kat. Stephanie and I are both queer in real life and we were just joking about possibly kissing in a scene.

“She’ll say that I’m all talk and no action, all flirt no squirt, but I just didn’t think it made sense for the story for us to kiss.”

L to R: Wu as Deadeye, Park as Audrey, Cola as Lolo and Hsu as Kat

Cola reveals there’s a “fun deleted scene” that will be included on its digital release that will expand upon Lolo and Kat’s will they, won’t they dynamic: “So please buy that, because you’ll fall in love with it.”

The Good Trouble star continues to praise her character for subverting long-running tropes of Asian-American women in mainstream media.

“Stereotypically, society has put us in the box of ‘timid’ or ‘submissive’ or not wanting to rock the boat,” she says.

“And Lolo shatters that completely. She’s unapologetic. She’s a loose cannon. She says what people are thinking, and I think that’s so refreshing to see one of those characters in this film.”

Cola adds: “I am queer, I am an immigrant, I’m Chinese-American and I’m a woman. These are things that society never rooted for. but I’m embracing them as superpowers. Especially through Lolo, this is the most liberated version of myself that I’ve ever portrayed.”

You can read our interview with Sherry Cola and Sabrina Wu here in full.

Joy Ride also stars Ronny Chieng, Meredith Hagner, David Denman, Annie Mumolo, Timothy Simons, Daniel Dae Kim and Desmond Chiam, Baron Davis, Alexander Hodge and Chris Pang.

It will be released 4 August in the UK.