Don’t expect Tayce to sashay back into the Drag Race werkroom just yet.

The Welsh entertainer memorably rose to fame on the second season of the British spin-off, where she secured the honorary title of ‘lip-sync assassin’ after surviving four lip-sync smackdowns – becoming the first (and only) UK queen to do so.

Tayce ultimately placed joint runner-up alongside Bimini Bon Boulash, with Lawrence Chaney earning the title of the ‘UK’s Next Drag Superstar’.

As is the case with any fan-favourite contestant, there have been calls for Tayce to make a second appearance on the franchise on a future season of All Stars.

Admitting that she would “love” to make a comeback, Tayce says that she’s ‘biding’ her time and ‘picking the right moment’.

“I don’t believe in rushing into things if you think something’s going to be good for you, because sometimes it’s not – timing is everything,” she explains in the new issue of GAY TIMES.

While some former contestants choose to come back a “year later, fresh off the bat of doing the same season,” Tayce doesn’t want to return unless she’s a more “evolved” version of herself.

“When I see a glimmer of a scene from my season now, I just look at myself like it’s a baby version of me. Not baby drag Tayce, but baby Drag Race Tayce,” she says.

In the last few years, I’ve grown leaps and bounds from travelling the world and it’s made me more professional. I’d love to go on there one day and turn it out. I love my blood and I love my vengeance. I’m a vengeful bitch and we’ll come back and fuck it up one day, and hopefully win!” 

Tayce continued to say that she wants to appear on the US version of Drag Race All Stars, as opposed to UK vs the World, and “just fuck it up, know what I mean? They wouldn’t know what’s coming, especially with my Welsh ass…” 

The star is currently celebrating the release of the second season of Queerpiphany.

The hilarious (and slightly unhinged) MTV series follows Tayce and activist slash model Munroe Bergdorf as they sit down with an array of stars from the LGBTQ+ community to discuss iconic moments in popular culture that helped them come to terms with their queerness.

Describing the series as a “bunch of camp twats talking about their livelihoods” and a “celebration of queerness in the best way”, the second season features LGBTQ+ talent such as Yasmin Finney, MNEK, Kitty Scott-Claus, Layton Williams and Lava La Rue.

The brand new issue of GAY TIMES also features interviews with Munroe, rapper and singer Dréya Mac and Bros star Ts Madison, as well as features on the wonderful world of the UK ballroom scene and a British history of Black queer spaces over the past few decades.

You can read our full interview with Tayce from 16 September via the GAY TIMES app, Apple News+, Readly, and Flipster.