Ayesha Madon has opened up about her sexuality in an exclusive cover story interview with GAY TIMES.

Best known for her role as Amerie on Netflix’s beloved queer comedy-drama Heartbreak High, Madon has recently segued into the music industry.

As the actress and singer spoke out about her new career direction, she also revealed more about her queerness, admitting this is her first time doing so publicly.

“I’ve actually never spoken about my sexuality before in anything, so this is pretty new,” she told GAY TIMES.

Madon realised she was bisexual in the last few years, and revealed that her first kiss was with a girl.

“I only properly admitted, out loud, that I was bisexual two or three years ago,” she shared.

“It feels recent. It’s pretty interesting watching myself be attracted to [girls]. My first kiss was with a girl. I’ve actually never spoken about my sexuality before in anything, so this is pretty new.”

Madon continued to reminisce: “My first kiss was with a girl called Louise and I had the biggest crush on her.

“She was in my acting class when I was like 11. I remember she was chewing gum and in order to kiss her I had to pretend that I wanted to try the gum! We kissed and it was amazing.

“Since then, [with] how much more normalised it’s becoming, it has given me the courage to feel comfortable. Sometimes I feel like I’m a fake queer person because I’m not massive on queer culture. Sometimes, I feel that liking girls is not enough.”

The singer explained how heteronormative and comphet culture made her question whether she was bisexual or not.

“When I was growing up, I felt myself being conditioned or gaslighted into thinking that I was straight,” she said.

“I look back now at all these signs like I’ve had crushes on girls my whole life but in my head, I was like oh that’s just nothing!”

You can read the full Amplify cover interview with Ayesha here.

Ayesha Madon’s new single ‘Blame Me’ it out now.