Viñas Deluxe is so “fulfilled” by her time on Drag Race Philippines that she’s eager to return for another season – as a contestant or a judge. 

In the seventh episode of the series, the beloved comedy force was sent packin’ after competing in the ‘Shop Shop Ladies Ball’, which required the cast to concoct a garment out of conventional materials from Manila’s shoppers’ haven, Divisoria. 

Although Viñas conquered Drag Race Philippines’ first-ever design and sewing challenge, receiving the first coveted ‘SHOOT’ from Fashion Photo RuView in the process, her ensemble received harsh reviews from the panel and a lip-sync smackdown against her close sister Eva La Queen ended her time on the series. 

While Viñas needs to “trust” her instincts more, she tells GAY TIMES that she is satisfied with her overall performance and has “no regrets” but admits that it was her “time” to sashay away.

“I feel fulfilled,” she says. “I’m actually happy with the outcome because I’ve gotten to show my drag, and I know somebody will appreciate all my effort and art.” 

In a viewing party for the episode, Viñas revealed that she fractured her foot earlier in the season, which hindered her performance in the lip-sync and took three months for her to fully recover. 

For continuing to flex her charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent in the battle to be crowned ‘Philippines’ First Drag Superstar’, she declares herself the “true winner of the season” – with or without a sceptre and an extra million pesos. 

“My proudest moment is when I did the runway, even if my toe was hurting,” she explains. “I got a fracture on my toe but I told myself I didn’t wanna go home without even fighting and standing up. 

“Also, when I walked out of the main stage with my head up high and a smile on my face. It’s the genuine happiness that I felt in that moment that makes me so proud. I think I left a mark on the show and enjoyed the whole experience, being on the bottom and being on the top.

“I loved the adrenaline I felt during challenges, the nervousness during deliberation and the happiness after it all ended. I’ve created new friends and kept my core friends as the same time. I showed who I truly am and so I don’t have any regrets about being true to myself or my art.”

On what surprised her the most about the series, Viñas continues: “I thought there would be a lot of time to prepare inside! Especially as I am a hairstylist, I thought I could just bring wigs on the show then style it in my hotel, but there’s no time.

“And during free times it’s better for me to rest than to do whatever to prepare myself on the upcoming challenge. It is really a race!”

As for her future with the franchise, the Bulucan-born queen reveals that she wants to embrace her inner Jiggly Caliente by making the shift from contestant to judge. If not, she would “love” to make a comeback on another season – whether that’s season two, three, four or the first-ever instalment of All Stars.

“I also want the franchise to show more of our culture to the world,” Viñas adds, “what Philippine drag is and how beautiful our queens are!” 

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