Owen James Vincent

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK and Canada vs the World star Vanity Milan has finally released her highly anticipated new single, ‘Four Ways’.

Produced by longtime collaborator Kieran Armitage, the track is a feel-good anthem backed by a sickening beat that Vanity said they worked hard to get “correct”.

“He knows I’m a perfectionist and he too is a perfectionist with his productions and we wanted to ensure that we got this track correct,” she told GAY TIMES.

“We wanted to make sure that the vocals were perfect and mastered to the head of any master!” 

Co-written by fellow Drag Race UK star Baby, the concept for the “sexy” song came about when the two were together talking about life outside of the show. 

She continued: “Baby turned to me and asked me, ‘What do you want this song to be about?’ and I just said, ‘I just want to talk my s**t! I’m 32, young and still living and enjoying life to the fullest and being married doesn’t mean I can’t act bad, look sexy and talk dirty!’

“So, when it came time to writing lyrics, it’s just about having fun, self-expression, making sure that it matches where you are currently right now and I’m just trying t o be my best sexually liberated self at the age of 32 in my drag career.”

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During a showstopping set at the Nerve nightclub in Malta during EuroPride this month, Vanity performed the song live for the first time to a packed out crowd.

She said it was “one of the best experiences” to have fans in another country be familiar with her original music, like her previously released “bad bitch anthem” ‘Pissed’.

“Performing my new single in Malta for the first time was nerve wracking,” she added. “It was an experience, I will say that, because my microphone wasn’t switched on, and I like, even though I’m a lip-sync assassin, to have the microphone on because the pipes is there – especially when I’m rapping my s**t!”

‘Four Ways’ is out now and you can listen below or by clicking here.