‘Regret’ isn’t a word in Malaysia Babydoll Foxx’s vocabulary.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race star tells GAY TIMES that she ‘stands by’ her performance in the lip-sync that sent her home.

In the 10th episode of season 15, the queens conducted celebrity interviews; Malaysia, as well as Loosey LaDuca and Anetra, interviewed Frankie Grande, while Luxx Noir London, Mistress Isabelle Brooks and Salina Estitties interviewed Love Connie and Marcia Marcia Marcia and Sasha Colby interviewed Charo.

Malaysia’s chat with Ariana’s brother received mixed feedback from the panel, and she faced the bottom two for the first time with Salina. With Beyoncé’s classic Single Ladies as the lip-sync track, Salina performed the iconic choreography from the music video while Malaysia showcased her original moves.

Ultimately, Salina’s homage won her another week in the competition, while Malaysia was asked to sashay away.

“I like how I perform and I stand by it,” says Malaysia. “I wouldn’t attempt to do choreography that I don’t know and make myself look crazy in the end. I stick to what I know and do well. It just was my time and I’m content with that.”

While Malaysia was “out of breath” from the lip-sync, she’s satisfied with her elimination: “I felt and looked amazing. I had a really good track record and was authentically myself so I was able to sashay away and be proud of my journey.”

The Miami-based performer grew close with Mistress across the series, although episode six – which saw the cast channel their inner granny-superstar – briefly saw them come into conflict. Malaysia later stated in Untucked that Mistress and Luxx behaved like “bullies” when their team vied for heavy-metal for their team’s genre.

On her relationship with Mistress, she jokes: “I wouldn’t say we are friends!

“We are more like sisters and just like any siblings we argue and disagree and we also have fun and turn up. We’re both from the South and come from similar drag scenes and that’s why we relate the most. It was like having a piece of home in the competition.”

Malaysia praises Drag Race for allowing her to “learn more” about herself, adding that the most rewarding aspect of her experience is “getting to travel the world and meeting everyone you left your mark on and inspired in some way shape or form, and feeling all the positive energy. It’s really the prize I deserve.” 

On what’s next for her career, Malaysia teases a tour with Mistress, as well as Spice and Sugar, who they’ve respectively adopted into their drag families.

“Keep looking out for it,” she insists, before revealing that her future will hold “some acting gigs or music, who knows? I’m full of surprises.” 

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