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Last Sunday, as I sat on my sofa, I was embracing myself for a tiring sequence of lip-syncs of original tracks but, surprisingly, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The last episode of the second season of Drag Race España left judges and viewers gagging. These queens have proved they didn’t came to play, but they came to slay.

As we know, the Talent Show is the challenge originally from All Stars that has become an opportunity for almost every competitor to showcase her latest single, with the exception of a few memorable ones.

But the ‘Supremme Eleganza Talent Extravaganza’ was a whole different story. As talent shows are not a very common thing in Spain, we were ready to see a disaster. However, we have not only seen variety, but also a high level of performances that can set a new standard for future international versions and even for All Stars.

Drag Sethlas brought the Canary Island carnival to the main stage. In a Transformers-inspired show, she delivered a breathtaking dance routine with seven-inch high-heels. Her closing sequence with a jump-split from such a high platform could make the International Olympic Committee consider including a drag competition in the next Olympic Games.

The incredibly young Jota Carajota surprised everyone with an amusing spoken word performance followed by flamenco music. Juriji der Klee impressed the audience with a very drag version of L’amour est un oiseau rebelle, a classic from the French opera Carmen. We indeed had some lip syncs, but Diamante Merybrown established a new baseline. If you’re going to lip sync, that’s the energy we need to see.

Also, that runway. After so many episodes of Drag Race, there is little room for originality, but these queens seem to have found originality in telling their horror stories inspired by the category The Day of the Beast. As stated by Ana Locking, “In horror, it is not easy to do something new, because everything has already been done.”

However, there is always an unprecedented way of astounding people, either by embodying a creature from another planet or by staging a bloody accident. Although it seemed unfinished, the face skin removal presented by Samantha Ballentines made the stomach turn for the most sensitive of people.

The story told by Marina left the judges feeling uneasy with the tragic veracity of it. Sharonne presented a hair-raising voodoo doll that, although it is a very explored concept, she managed to do quite differently from other sexy Halloween versions that we have seen so far.

This episode provided it all. Great looks from the former contestants who came back to integrate the frightening live audience, great performances on the Talent Show and also a jaw-dropping runway. After all this, we can only hope for Samantha to finish one single lip-sync with her wig on until the end of the season…

Check our list of highlights from episode two below, then make sure to stream the series on WOW Presents Plus. 

Drag Sethlas introducing Canarian Carnival to the world

Estrella Xtravaganza’s hilarious parody plus body positivity message

The Born This Way-meets-Chromatica sequence embodied by Onyx

After winning the first challenge with a very minimalist version of the devil, Onyx brought literally everything to the runway

Estrella Xtravaganza turned her fear of mirrors into a astonishing gown that perfectly matched her Divine-inspired silhouette

Diamante Merybrown’s appalling version of The Bogeyman

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