At one point, Cat Burns was feeling defeated because of having “no money” and “no following” – making her question whether or not she was “meant to do music” at all.

Now, she is challenging none other than Harry Styles for the number one spot in the UK, with her latest single Go so far racking up more than three months in the top 10.

“I haven’t properly acknowledged everything because it’s happened so quickly,” she explains on the set of her first-ever GAY TIMES cover shoot as she stuns dressed exclusively in AMI.

The track now comes with a brand spanking new remix featuring Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith, which has been met with acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

Growing up in London, the 22-year-old has been working at her dream to be an artist for some time.

Reflecting on her time busking as a teenager, she quips: “I’m lucky that I did busk because that’s probably the hardest crowd you can play to!”

Melanie Lehmann

Cat unapologetically puts her identity at the forefront of a lot of her music, and explains that she is proud to “represent a group of people who aren’t straight white men. I’m talking about real things and people find what I’m saying relatable.”

Tracks like Free directly reference her experiences as an LGBTQ+ woman and Cat is keen to ensure that people like her “feel heard and seen” in her music.

“If you’re a Black woman, I want you to feel heard and seen,” she says. “We are vulnerable people who are capable of having lots of emotions. And, being a Black queer woman adds a layer to that.”

Photography: Melanie Lehmann
Fashion: Umar Sarwar
Words By: Zoya Raza-Sheikh
Hair: Danielle Igor
Makeup: Grace Macartney
Photography Assistant: Sally He Xin Run
Fashion Assistant: Sarena Moss
All Clothing By: AMI

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