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Bad Education’s long-awaited return came with a twist as none other than Bianca Del Rio made a surprise cameo in its fourth season’s second episode.

Although exact details of her appearance are being kept under wraps, the episode – aptly titled ‘Whodunnit’ – sees Stephen (Layton Williams) try to find out who snitched about Class K’s trip to a drag brunch.

Layton, who starred in the original run of Bad Education, told GAY TIMES that co-writing it was a “new moment” in his career and is something he hopes to do again.

“It’s weirdly emotional just to see all of these people from all walks of life, you know, these kids and these queens having the most fun,” he said of what it was like to be on set when Bianca came to film her scenes.

“Most people on set said their favourite day was that day because it was just so much colour, so much character.

“[There were] obviously loads of additional people that had never been on set before and just bringing this energy that was like, electric.

“So I really hope that people feel that because we felt it on set, it was really fab.”

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Responding to this, Bianca praised the series for its authentic depictions of how diverse society actually is and added: “We just need to say, ‘reality’. That is reality.

“You go to Tesco, you go to the subway, you walk up and down the street, honey, that is reality, a mix of everything there is.

“So I think that’s what’s important is bringing reality, a grouping of people that you would see in real life onto the camera. I think that’s a great way to look at it.”

The two also revealed that discussions about Bianca potentially appearing on Bad Education first began when they were both starring in Everybody’s Talking About Jamie.

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Discussing how the pieces fell into place, Bianca added: “My rule, always, always, always, always is, this is what I know, I’ll be glad to help in any way and let’s talk about it, put it on paper, call me and let’s make magic. And nine times out of ten it’s just scheduling.

“And so here it was, I was back out on the road again a couple of months later doing my thing and then Layton calls me up and says, ‘Hey, we think we’ve got this blocked’ and then I think I said, ‘I’ve got something that week, but I’m free this week before I go to this thing’ and they said ‘great’.

“And you never know if that’s going to happen, because, usually, especially when you’re dealing with a large production that’s filming everything, they’re going to say, ‘Oh, fuck this bitch, we can work around, we can’t deal with her’. But they said, ‘No, we can make this work if you can come in that day’.

“So I flew into London a few days before, did it, zip, pop, go, and then continued on the rest of my tour. So I’m grateful that they worked it out for me as well.”

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All episodes of Bad Education will land on iPlayer on 15 January and will air weekly on BBC Three.