LGBTQ+ people who experienced discrimination in the last 12 months were subjected to it in an educational setting or at home more than anywhere else, a joint survey from GAY TIMES and Channel 4 News has found.

The 2,237 respondents were able to select multiple settings from a list of places they experienced prejudice in over the last year.

Of the 1,101 who said they did face intolerance, the majority (24%) said it took place in an educational setting.

Approximately 15% were subjected to it at home, with 12% being discriminated against during visits to a café, bar, pub, restaurant or nightclub.

Almost one in 10 (8%) also experienced it in the workplace, with an additional 8% encountering it in a public bathroom.

LGBTQ+ people also reported facing discrimination in a shop or department store (6%), gym or other fitness/sports centre (3%), when visiting a place of worship or faith service (3%), when attempting to access social services (2%) and at a live sporting event (2%).

13% of respondents who had faced some form of discrimination in the last year said it took place in a location not listed in the survey.

Four in 10 (40%) LGBTQ+ people experienced a hate crime in the past 12 months because of their sexual orientation, with one in five (20%) respondents falling victim to one as a result of their gender identity.

Of those who said they experienced a hate crime, only 5% reported their ordeal to the police.

Verbal abuse was the most common type and was experienced by 43%.

In the last year alone, 18% also faced online abuse.

You can learn more about the findings from GAY TIMES and Channel 4 News here.

Galop is an LGBTQ+ charity there for those who have experienced abuse or have been the victim of a hate crime. It can be reached on Monday to Friday from 10am-4pm on 0207 7042040 or at You can find out more information here.