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Adore Delano has teased the direction of her long-awaited fourth studio album. 

Following her acclaimed tour in the UK last year, the entertainer is taking Party Your World across the United States, where fans can expect performances of fan-favourite anthems like Hello, I Love You, Rolling Stoner and Practical Magical. 

Additionally, the tour also boasts covers of iconic hits such as Bon Jovi’s glam metal classic You Give Love a Bad Name and Radiohead’s debut single Creep. Of course, Adore – a life-long member of the Britney Army – pays tribute to her pop princess with a rendition of her seminal 2004 chart-topper Toxic. 

With Party Your World marking Adore’s first bout on the road since the coronavirus pandemic, she tells GAY TIMES that she was “finding our way on the bike with the training wheels”.

Now, Adore is “riding the bike like Forrest Gump without the braces on his knees – I’m listening to all my spirit guides saying, ‘Run, Adore, run!’” 

The star admits that the “energy” is “pretty raw” this time around as a result of the “elbow-to-elbow” experience that audiences sorely missed in lockdown.

And with entertainers relying on tour sales for income, Adore reveals that she “reevaluated” her “gratitude”: “You take advantage of the opportunities that come your way and marinate in it a bit, because you don’t know when it’s going to be taken away from you again. 

“It’s scary when your livelihood and spirit relies on an audience and live reactions. When that’s taken away, you don’t understand how important that is to the spirit. I was definitely more grateful.” 

Since Adore “party!”-ed her way through the sixth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she placed runner-up, she has released three lauded albums: Till Death Do Us Party (2014), After Party (2016) and Whatever (2017).

The latter saw the star trade in her dance-pop sound for a more rock-influenced direction, which was also evident on her soulful EP Dirty Laundry (2021). 


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When we ask Adore about her long-awaited fourth album, she says: “EP’s are like your pets, right? The EP is like your kitty cat and dog and albums are your children.

“They come from your ovaries, so I’m just giving my vagina a rest right now because I know it’s going to be thrown through the wringer this year.

“I’m going to be producing beautiful kids with these experiences that I’m going to be experiencing.”

Adore jokes that, for her first two albums, she “didn’t know the father”. For Whatever, however, she did “and we’re still in a loving relationship”.

“Then the fourth one, I know him very well. We’re on a good path,” she laughs. “He lives inside of me. We are one. It’s going to be beautiful music. It’s hopefully going to be my Ray of Light era. I’m kidding. It’s not. I’m lying.” 

When Party Your World concludes, Adore will work on her fourth album and release “some bops” in the summer. “I’m back now. I wanted to go the alt route while Tumblr was dying and now here I am. I’m back, your pop girly is here,” she explains. “First, we’re going to kick ass on this tour.” 

Party Your World, which is slated to return to the UK in “mid-August”, travels across the United States from 31 January to 3 March.

For tickets and tour dates, visit Adore’s official website.