Keanan’s brand new song, Obstacle, sees the artist reflect on coming to terms with his sexuality as he first tried to break into rap music.

The up and coming musician’s new track is made up of a piano overlaid with a fierce beat that Keanan raps over.

“I’m known as ‘obstacle’ to my ops,” Keanan says on the song, “tried to pull me down but I blocked.”

In the music video, Keanan is seen rapping at a brightly lit running track which is intertwined with more intimate moments of the artist alone at home.

The athletic tracks’ scenes appear to be a metaphor for the song’s lyrics, as in other shots he appears to be tired as he prepares to run and overcome the challenges ahead of him.

Keanan tells GAY TIMES: “Obstacle” really is the embodiment of my journey in terms of coming to terms with myself, my music and what it takes to be an artist.

“From the structure to the lyrics, the simplistic piano over such an aggressive beat and flow represents that we as humans are often good at seeming ‘fine’ on the surface but we are all faced with our own individual obstacles.”

He continues: “And when life throws you these obstacles, giving up feels like the only option but believing in yourself will carry you through anything.

“Therefore, I wanted to make a track that not only motivates me to keep going but to motivate others too.”

Keanan, a gay artist based in the UK, has a huge social media following – including over one million views on his official TikTok page where some of his songs have gone viral.

His debut album, Butterfly, was released in 2018 and is available here.

Obstacle is out now and can be heard below or by clicking here.