Just in time for spooky season!

The brand new visual pays homage to the horror movie genre and is filled with creepy shots and campy dialogue. 

Dillon dives deeper into the meaning of lovely, saying: “lovely is the tale of a tender guy, (aka me) cursed by one mistake.

“lovely is my attempt to outrun a fear that I destroyed the beginnings of a new relationship… and I’m not just talking about staining my new white sneakers.” 

The emerging talent also discusses mental health and why the video uses the horror genre as a way to describe his inner feelings. 

“I’ll never forget the first time I watched Donnie Darko; it was during my darker days in high school when I was pretty alone and depressed and I remember staring at the tv screen as if I was looking into a mirror. I really idolized and feared the similarities I shared to those kinds of characters,” Dillon said. 

He continued: “Now as an adult, I look back at these cult classics with such heavy inspiration to embrace the f*cked up parts of my subconscious; not only is it a lot of fun playing psycho but there’s a lot of poetic truth to your own madness.” 

Watch the full video for lovely below and listen to the track here.