Grammy winner Lil Nas X sent a heartfelt message to his LGBTQ+ fans in Saudi Arabia. 

Over the last few years, LNX has dominated the music industry with his commercially successful singles and larger-than-life music videos.

In addition to his boundless talent, the young entertainer has also made waves with LGBTQ+ music listeners due to his inspirational journey as an openly queer artist. 

On 12 April, the Lil Nas X News Twitter account revealed that his hit track Sun Goes Down reached number one in Saudi Arabia. 

In the powerful song, which was included on his debut album Montero, LNX opens up about his life before fame and the obstacles he faced regarding his sexuality, depression and suicidal thoughts.

In response to the touching news, the “Industry Baby” rapper took to Twitter to send an encouraging message to his LGBTQ+ Saudi Arabian fanbase.

“To my gay fans from Saudi Arabia reading this, I hope this song is getting you through whatever you’re going through, and I hope someday soon the laws against us change, and you can be free in your own home,” he wrote. 

Shortly after he uploaded his tweet, fans flocked to the Twitter to thank LNX for his support. 

One person wrote: “Thank you so much for making this song Montero. I am another closeted grown man who lives in similar country and this song means a lot to me, tho the law will never ever change, but we wont stop trying to get out of here and living the most out of it.” 

Another fan tweeted: “Queer people from all over the world can agree in unison that this is such a touching song, and it brings me to tears every time I listen. Amazing song deserving of #1.”

In 2019, a report titled Polarized Progress: Social Acceptance of LGBT People in 141 Countries found that Saudi Arabia was one of the ten countries who are least accepting of LGBTQ+ people.

Male and female same-sex activity is still illegal in the country and LGBTQ+ rights are not recognised by the government.

The law also punishes those who “cross-dress,” with punishments ranging from fines, floggings, life in prison, death and torture.