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“It’s worth it, even if you get the power cut,” she jokes. “It’s worth it,” she adds, confidently and self-assured. 

Lana Del Rey really is the moment. Known for her signature storytelling and vocals, it’s safe to say her power-cut performance at Glastonbury two weeks ago had fans wanting more. 

There’s a strong sense of excitement in Hyde Park, as the crowd – made up of kitsch heart-shaped sunglasses, bright floral dresses and delicate daisies neatly roped into Americana hairstyles – longingly wait for Del Rey to take to the stage. Running 20 minutes late, of course, Del Rey takes centre stage and pulls us into her hazy melancholic world. 

Del Rey starts with the addictive final part of ‘A&W’, leading with: “It doesn’t really matter, doesn’t really, really matter.” Her style playfully acknowledges her delay and offsets the awkwardness with incredible flare. Next up, the incredible ‘Young & Beautiful’ transports us back to 2013. A soundtrack smash hit penned for The Great Gatsby movie washes over the crowd. Del Rey’s delivery taps into a transcendent performance. 

Further in the set, ‘Bartender’ unravels with Del Rey sitting by a table as her stylist slowly undoes her pinned-up hair. The showcase invites the crowd to be part of her on-stage persona and easy-going nature. Next, a dazzling rendition of ‘Chemtrails Under The Country Club’ sets a new mood. An unsuspecting Del Rey-style rework prompts a gasp as the singer debuts altered lyrics: “He got married when we were still together / I guess I met him too soon.” 

Following a brief interval of meeting fans, Del Rey perches onto a piano to perform ‘Candy Necklace’. Refusing to let Glasto-gate hold her back, the singer humorously references the event. “I think this is where I got cut off last time,” she quips to the crowd.

Through jokes, the artist builds towards unforgettable moments that effortlessly translate into the upbeat ‘Diet Mountain Dew’ and the iconic ‘Summertime Sadness’. As the tempo eased, ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ captures the singer’s talent and ability to project a performance across a sold-out venue. Del Rey closed her outstanding set with the baroque, down-tempo classic ‘Video Games’. The stage’s backing visuals were enough to take the crowd back to 2012 aka the internet’s beloved Tumblr era. 

A standout night, Del Rey was a contemporary pop vision. The singer delivered an elegant performance which was utterly unforgettable. After years of criticism, Del Rey is finally having her well-deserved moment to shine and, if you ask us, it’s about time. 

GAY TIMES rating: ★★★★