Courtesy of Appetite Publicity

Indie alt-pop artist L Devine has shared the first release from her upcoming debut album.

Yes, you read that right — L Devine is back on the music circuit. Following her 2021 mixtape Near Life Experience, the singer explores a first look at her independently released track, Push It Down.

Speaking on the single, the star says: “Push It Down is about trying to suppress emotions and hide any signs of vulnerability. The song’s feelings boil to the surface while I’m failing to mimic my romantic interest’s nonchalance, before eventually erupting into chaos with heavy guitar stabs and unbridled vocals.

“I wanted to lead with Push It Down because I liked how raw and punchy it was, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously, there’s still some humour to it. It feels like a bit of a situationship anthem.”

L Devine has released a music video to accompany the track which was made in collaboration with director Emilio Boutros.

“We wanted to reflect the high anxiety feelings and themes of the song. At the beginning of the video, you see me with a lot of nervous energy, trying to keep composure and stay calm and by the end of the video we see fast cuts of me drowning in smoke and losing control of my emotions,” L Devine explains in a press statement.

Watch the official music video for Push It Down below.