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Music icon Kylie Minogue opened up her longstanding relationship with the LGBTQ+ community in a new interview.

Since splashing onto the scene in 1987, the Aussie pop goddess has cultivated an incredible music career – spanning seven number-one singles, eight number-one albums, and 34 top-ten singles in the UK.

In addition to her record-breaking feats, Minogue has earned a dedicated LGBTQ+ fanbase for her inclusive pop anthems and never-ending allyship.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, the beloved talent opened up about her connection with the LGBTQ+ community, which she described as “natural.”

“I mean I was kind of adopted when I heard there was a Kylie drag show in Sydney in 1990 or whatever it was. That’s kind of the first I heard of that [connection with the LGBTQ+ community],” she explained.

“I didn’t get to go. I really wanted to go. I was saying to my manager, ‘We’ve to go!’ and he was like, ‘Um, I think we need a bit of organisation.’ I’ve since been to a few drag shows, and trust me, I’m the least Kylie in the room.”

Towards the end of her interview, Minogue admitted that her close connection to the LGBTQ+ community was partly due to their undying support and “protection” throughout her career, especially in the 90s.


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“I would say around that time in the 90s, I mean, we could talk about my career now… you kind of forget about the moments that weren’t great… but there were plenty of moments where I was just being absolutely… it was not pleasant.

“I feel like my gay audience felt some kind of solidarity, they protected me. I was trying to give out nothing but goodness, and when you cop it a little unfairly, they were ready to bite.”

Minogue’s recent interview comes a week after she announced her 16th studio album Tension – which is set to release on 22 September.

According to a press release, the record will contain 11 “unabashed pleasure-seeking, seize-the-moment, joyful pop tunes”.

“Unlike my last two albums there wasn’t a ‘theme’, it was about finding the heart or the fun or the fantasy of that moment and always trying to service the song,” the beloved singer explained in a statement.

“I wanted to celebrate each song’s individuality and to dive into that freedom. I would say it’s a blend of personal reflection, club abandon and melancholic high.”

While Tension is a few months away, Minogue has gifted fans with the camp-as-tits electro-pop banger Padam Padam to hold us over.