British artist Holly Humberstone has teamed up with the American pop trio for the remixed release of her track ‘Into Your Room’.

Humberstone has shared a MUNAfied version of her hit single, ‘Into Your Room’, which appears on her debut album, Paint My Bedroom Black.

The singer-songwriter’s album represents her coming of age and her growth as a UK artist.

Speaking on the collaboration, Humberstone said: “I’m obsessed with MUNA and have been wanting to work with them for ages, I’m so thankful that I finally get to have them bring their magic to one of my songs.”

The collaboration between the two artists was teased on Twitter with MUNA reacting to a fan’s tweet which read: “muna and holly collab when”.

While MUNA adds: “Holly is such a talented artist and we have been so impressed by her songwriting and musicianship for a long time now.

“We were so stoked when her record came out a few months ago so it was a total delight to be able to get to put our little spin on ‘Into Your Room’. We also love both Ethan and Rob’s work as producers so it was a dream to be able to play with the session files.”

Watch the official visualiser for ‘Into Your Room’ featuring MUNA below.