Photo by Brian Ziff

Persian-American pop star Gia Woods has shared the second single from her upcoming EP, Your Engine.

‘Elevation’, a strings-driven electro-pop banger, is about the euphoric, awakening feeling of a new experience, or meeting someone you know is going to change your life.

“You get infatuated with this new layer of yourself that you’re discovering, changing, or learning, and it opens up a new side of you,” she explains.

The single follows the intoxicating ‘Gia Would’, a sultry, playful club anthem with the twist of a setar woven into the verses. 

Your Engine sees the ‘Only A Girl’ singer unapologetically move into a new era of artistic expression.

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The forthcoming EP sees the rising pop star lean deeper into her Persian heritage for inspiration, while not holding back on the synth-laden, sapphic sparkle of her earlier work.

The former Amplify star takes influence from her culture and artists such as Radiohead, Björk and Madonna.

Owning her identity as a proud lesbian and daughter of first-generation Persian immigrants, Your Engine is the culmination of Woods’ growing artistry and intersectional identity.

Watch the visualiser for ‘Gia Would’ below.