The 21-year-old artist details his first love and the secrecy that sometimes accompanies queer love.

Fred Roberts is back with new music and on his new track, ‘Disguise’ the musician opens up about rejection and its aftermath.

Speaking on ‘Disguise’, the singer shared: “[It] tells the story of my first experience of love with a boy and the rejection that followed. The song details my frustration of being kept as a secret by a boy who hadn’t fully come to terms with his sexuality and how that impacts your own self-confidence and sense of identity.

“I questioned whether I needed to be ‘somebody else’ in order to be loved and found it difficult to come to terms with the fact that he couldn’t accept me as I was. Despite knowing this I still battled with the desire to be the right person for him as much as that was impossible.”

Robert adds: “However, the song does come from a place of retrospection and asks the question if it was better that he was never really mine. The harsh truth is that what we had would never have ended happily, as much as I desperately wanted it to. But as the end of the song explains – ‘sometimes you try, sometimes you only get it after some time.’”

News of Roberts’ single arrives alongside the announcement of a new headline show which will take place on 7 March in London. Fans can buy tickets here.

Listen to Roberts’ new single ‘Disguise’ here and below.