Joelle Grace Taylor

New Jersey pop artist Fletcher has returned with her first new song of 2021.

Healing marks the start of a new, fresh era for Fletcher. The Los Angeles-based artist rose to popularity due to her successful 2020 EP The S(EX) Tapes.

This atmospheric single flows with gentle guitars, warm synth, and soulful lyrics: “I’m finally breathing / The smoke ain’t gone but it’s clearing / I ain’t there yet but I’m healing”.

“The process of making this song was really freeing,” Fletcher said in a statement.

“I’ve spent my whole life looking for answers on how to be better – emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, intellectually.

“I thought, ‘If I can just figure out the secret, all my problems will be solved.’ As if everyone had the fix but me. Between different relationships, doctors, healers, crystals, self-help books, medications, podcasts, you name it, I sought it out. All my value was placed externally. And though those things have guided me on my journey and led me to where I am now, the thing I was missing was right in front of me.”

Taking change in her stride, the press statement notes how the singer has grown from her experiences.

“We’re all healing from something,” she said. “The world is healing right now. I can feel the collective energy of people waking up to their power and connecting to themselves in a way that humanity never has before. Healing isn’t a linear process, and it’ll take you on the most insane rollercoaster ride of your life. But it’s worth the view at the top.”

“My own strength and love and soul has always been there, but I couldn’t see that. This song is the foundation of what’s to come… an era of healing… and feeling myself for the first time ever.”

The transcendent single is a sign of a new beginnings. Fletcher is working on her debut album which currently has no fixed release date.

You can watch the visualiser for Healing here or below: