Queer pop singer Fletcher has opened up about her role in the new season of The L Word: Generation Q. 

Back in September, the Girl Of My Dreams singer surprised fans when she announced her inclusion in the show’s new batch of episodes.

“It’s official. The L Word needed more drama for Season 3…so they invited me to be on it. We did it fam,” she wrote alongside a compilation video of fans calling for the casting. 

With the premiere for season three set for 20 November, Fletcher opened up to Out about her excitement and admiration for the revival show. 

“To be part of such a historically important show that has provided just so much visibility and representation for people has been such a key part of accepting my own identity and celebrating it was such a full circle moment and also such a f**king honour,” she told the publication. 

The 28-year-old also praised the original series – which ran from 2004 to 2009 – and the positive effect it had on her growing up.

“There wasn’t a lot of queer and sapphic art, and media and shows or movies for us to take in. And I think that show has just done such an incredible job at just painting the reality of queer relationships,” she explained. 

“When I was shooting, I got to meet some of the original cast and was just fangirling so hard.” 

The new season of The L Word: Generation Q is set to pick up after the explosive events of the season two finale – which featured Finley (Jacqueline Toboni) going to rehab, Shane (Katherine Moennig) solidifying her romance with Tess (Jamie Clayton) and Tina (Laurel Holloman) confronting Bette (Jennifer Beals over her unresolved feelings.

“No matter who travels off into the sunset (or ties the knot…), this fierce group of friends and lovers are keeping it all in the family. Maybe this is their time to find ‘the one’ – or just the one for right now,” the official Showtime logline reads.

Alongside Fletcher’s guest spot, the new season is also set to feature Grammy-nominated artist Kehlani and comedian Margaret Cho.

Watch the new trailer for The L Word: Generation Q here or below.