Drag Race UK star Vanity Milan has announced that she will release her next single, a “bad bitch anthem” titled Pissed, in just a few days.

The track was co-written by Vanity Milan and Kieran Armitage, who also produced it.

Discussing her upcoming release with GAY TIMES, Vanity said: “My new single is a club banging, bad bitch anthem PERIOD!

“We’ve all got people who dislike us for no reason and sometimes you sit back and think, why you so pissed? Here’s the reason: They ain’t living life to the fullest, meanwhile you’re living your best life! Making money, taking money, catching flights and ducking fights.”

The lip-sync assassin of season three explained that she wanted to make Pissed a single after seeing the amazing reaction it got from audiences who she performed a sneak peek of it for.

Influenced by house music, hyperpop and Renaissance by Beyoncé, Vanity “wanted to merge everything together and make a fast paced track” with a “juicy beat”.

“We also wanted to make sure we kept the all-important self empowerment prominent through the track (as we did with Miss Milan), trying to keep it cocky yet tasteful,” she added.

Creating the track was an incredibly quick process and only took a few hours.

Vanity is currently appearing on international spin-off Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World.

After steamrolling the first episode, Vanity won both the challenge and the lip-sync and solidified her legacy as one of the best live performers across the franchise.

Pissed will be released on 25 November. In the meantime, you can stream Vanity’s debut single, Miss Milan, here or below.