Instagram: @ddlovato
Instagram: @ddlovato

Pop star Demi Lovato is set to rerecord some of their biggest hits with a new twist.

Back in 2022, the Glee star teased fans that they would be stepping away from their pop sound to reconnect with their rock roots.

After uploading an array of snippets and social media teasers, Lovato released their highly anticipated eighth studio Holy Fvck that August –which was their first rock-leaning album since their debut record, Don’t Forget.

Upon its release, the record received universal acclaim from critics and fans, who praised the album for its unapologetic lyrics and immersive production.

Fortunately, Lovato has no plans to move away from their immersive and dynamic hard rock sound.

On 14 July, the 30-year-old talent took to Instagram to announce their new 10-track album, Revamped.

However this time around, Lovato is set to feature rock/punk rock reimaginings of some of their most popular singles.

“Breathing new life into the songs that played such a huge role in my career has allowed me to feel so much closer to my music than ever before. I can’t wait for you to hear REVAMPED,” they wrote.

In an additional interview with Rolling Stone, the Solo singer opened up about the inspiration behind their new record – which they said stemmed from their recent tour.


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Due to their setlist featuring their pop-punk/rock tracks from Holy Fvck, the young talent had to rework some of their other hits to coincide with the tour’s overall sound.

“The fans loved it. When I got home from tour, I was like, ‘Why don’t I just record those versions and release them?'” they explained.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lovato gave further insight into how they updated each track while keeping their original elements.

“I changed the melody a little bit in certain spots and then try to hit higher notes than the originals,” they said.

However, they did admit to adding a slight adjustment to the new reimagining of Tell Me You Love, specifically the lyric “No, you ain’t nobody ’till you got somebody.”

“I interject a little because I don’t want that negative connotation of ‘You’re only somebody if you’re with somebody’ and that’s something that’s always bugged me about the song as I’ve performed it on the road,” they said.

Towards the end of their interview, Lovato teased that they were also working on another new project.

“Will it go into a [darker] direction? Or will it go more pop-rock? That’s what I’m playing with right now,” they admitted to the news outlet.

In addition, to Tell Me You Love Me, Revamped is expected to feature their previously released rock versions of Sorry Not Sorry, Heart Attack, and Cool For The Summer.

Revamped will be released on 15 September.