MNEK and Craig David have teamed up on Who You Are, the first song released from the latter’s upcoming album.

The upbeat track sees the two share an uplifting message of getting to know someone for who they really are.

“‘Cause the person they all see doesn’t matter much to me,” MNEK sings, opening the song. “Already know that you’re a star, but I just wanna get to who you are.”

MNEK delivers what is arguably his most emotional performance yet, with his voice blending effortlessly with David’s.

David, whose 22-year-long career is reflected in the title of his upcoming record, 22, has had two number one singles and 16 top 10 hits in the UK alone.

Who You Are shows how far he has come over the last two decades and is reminiscent of the late-night garage songs that dominated the early-2000s.

“It feels so authentic, it has intention,” David says of his newest song. “Put on ‘Who You Are’ to try and talk to someone that needs help.”

The song features ethereal springs juxtaposed with a progressive garage beat alongside the duo’s soulful vocals.

“I’ve worked with Craig many times over the past several years and have obviously looked up to him for FOREVER, one of my childhood heroes easily and such a pioneer for black men in R&B & dance music,” MNEK says of working with David.

He continues: “I love this song more every time I listen to it, it’s so beautiful – and there’s just something about it.

“I wrote the hook, he wrote the verses, he really wanted me to stay on it with him and like… who’s actually gonna say no to Craig David? He’s the best ‘to do it’! This is absolutely a tick off the bucket list for me and I hope it touches the people who hear it.”

David’s upcoming album, 22, will mark his first since 2018’s The Time Is Now and is scheduled for release on 13 May 2022.

Next year will see David travel across the UK for his 2022 Anniversary Hold That Thought UK Arena Tour, kick-starting in April 2022.

Who You Are is out now and can be heard below or by clicking here.