Becca Geden

East London-based artist Bambie Thug is back with a new double A-side single ‘Careless’ and ‘Last Summer (I Know What You Did)’ ahead of their brand new EP.

The hyperpunk newcomer is riding the momentum of their spellbinding banger from earlier this year, ‘Egregore’. The two tracks are listeners’ first taste of Cathexis.

“‘Careless’ maps the regret I felt for trusting some with my heart who wasn’t brave enough to hold it,” they reveal. “While ‘Last Summer’ is about those gut feelings you have when you think your partner is cheating on you, and how you’re usually right.”

The two songs encompass the infuriating yet intoxicating realities of a one-sided relationship and see Bambie unleash their emotions through furious baselines, hypnotising melodies and raw lyricism.

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Cathexis is the Irish rising star’s first project since 2022’s High Romancy. The seven-track EP showcases their more vulnerable side, exploring themes of heartbreak while still centring their signature occult-based lyricism.

“Cathexis is emotional investment in another, being deeply drawn to someone for how they make you feel,” Bambie Thug states. “Many people who are cathecting will claim they are in love even when they are emotionally neglectful or abusive to a partner.

“When things aren’t going how they’d like, it is easier for them to wipe their hands clean of things and end the relationship because they were in Cathexis not Love.

“Love is the will to nurture and support the spiritual wellbeing and growth of another. You cannot claim to be in love if your actions do not match the definition. This project is about me realising that I was in love and that he was only in Cathexis.”

Alongside the EP announcement, Bambie Thug has also announced a headline show at Hackney’s Oslo on Halloween. The immersive live show will feature a host of theatrical performers, cabaret style dancers and actors.

Cathexis is out 13 October. Watch the official visualiser for ‘Careless’ below.