Credit: Maris Jones

Allison Ponthier has returned with her first release since her acclaimed 2022 EP, Shaking Hands with Elvis.

Teaming up with American singer K.Flay and producer Tommy English, Pontheir has unveiled her brand new track, Character Development, which delves into how the actions of others can impact personal growth.

“Character Development is about the people I’ve encountered who have treated me poorly, to then turn around and say that learning from that experience has made them a better person,” says Allison Ponthier in a press release.

“No one should be made to feel like they have to be a casualty or compromise themselves for someone else’s growth. I wrote the track with K.Flay and Tommy English, and it’s been the most cathartic song to sing on tour.”

Pontheir has also released a creative music video with Brooklyn-based visual artist Maris Jones.

The stunning visuals see Pontheir undertake the role of a best-selling romance novelist with writer’s block. After exploring a series of plotlines that just don’t click, she reimagines the dashing young protagonist and chances for a happily-ever-after ending soar.

Watch the official music video for Character Development below: