The report looked at things like whether a country was LGBTQ friendly, and how popular it was as a destination.

A new report published by the Latin America Travel Company has named Canada as the best place in the world to travel to for an LGBTQ honeymoon.

The study restricted itself to countries that had legalised homosexuality, and looked at factors on whether same-sex marriage was legal in the country, how popular the destination was for a honeymoon and its general romantic setting.

The study looked at various other studies, reports and surveys taken out on these countries and named Canada as the best place for a honeymoon destination. It scored 29/30, New Zealand scored the same amount of points, but placed in second.

The report highlights how Canada was the first non-European country to legalise same-sex marriage, and pointed out some of the country’s natural beauty including the Northern Lights and Niagara Falls.

New Zealand was highlighted for its amazing natural beauty, as well as its ranking in the top 10 of top honeymoon destinations around the world and being in the top 20 for most forward thinking country.

Other countries in the top 10 were Australia, Switzerland, Ireland, France, Greece, Finland, the USA and Italy. The United Kingdom just missed out, ending up in eleventh place.

Although the United Kingdom scored maximum points in the popularity, LGBTQ friendly, marriage equality and forward thinking categories, it only scored one point in the romantic setting category and three points in the “love in the air” category.

Speaking about the results, Adam Groffman, who founded Travels of Adam, said: “It’s no surprise Canada is at the top. It’s a great destination year-round, for every type of LGBTQ+ traveller.

“There are world-class cities with fine dining, amazing hikes and nature trails, great adventure activities, and a warm and friendly atmosphere. Personally I love the gayborhoods in Toronto and Montreal, they’re really social, friendly areas where you can really get a taste of the local gay life.”

Uwern Jong, the editor-in-chief of OutThere magazine, said: “I’m not surprised that Canada has come up top in this survey. Having literally just returned from exploring the country myself, I am happy to report that Canada is a very ‘OutThere’ destination for LGBT honeymooners.”