Police have arrested two men and put them through ‘anal probe torture’ in Uzbekistan for having gay sex.

The 20-somethings are now facing three years in prison in the former Soviet nation for “engaging in illegal sexual relations.”

The police haven’t stated how they found the couple who had moved into a rented apartment together in Tashkent back in September.

However, they did confirm they performed the barbaric practice of ‘anal probe torture’ on them, and claim they found one of the men had engaged in “repeated sexual intercourse”.

‘Anal probe torture’ involves examining a person’s anus and taking a picture of the shape to see if it has been penetrated.

They also check for traces of sperm.

From this they claim to be able to determine if that person has had anal sex or not.

The practice is forbidden under international law, and widely condemned by the medical community.

Sex between two men in Uzbekistan is illegal and is punishable by anything from a fine up to three years in prison.

Former president Islam Karimov – who passed away in September 2016 – previously labelled homosexuality a “vulgar” part of Western culture.

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