Twitter [Zuzana Čaputová] / TASR

Two people have died after a shooting outside an LGBTQ+ bar in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia.

The attack took place shortly after 7pm local time on 12 October near the Teplaren venue, which is close to the city centre.

A third person, believed to work at the establishment, was wounded during the incident.

The suspected gunman was found dead the following morning, according to police.

Slovak media identified him as the son of a former candidate for a far-right political party.

Local outlets also reported that the suspect had shared posts on social media which suggested he held homophobic and anti-Semitic views, though information on his motive is yet to be released.

“My thoughts are with the family & friends of the victims of yesterday’s horrific attack in Bratislava & everyone in the LGBTIQ+ community affected by it,” said Zuzana Čaputová, president of the Slovak Republic.

“Words can become weapons. Hate kills. As politicians, we must weigh every word we say before it’s too late.”

LGBTQ+ groups in the region have stated that they believe the crime was motivated by “hatred” towards the community and called on the government to ensure that attacks like this do not happen again.

Teplaren wrote that the “pain is unbearable” in a statement.

Eduard Heger, Prime Minister of Slovakia, added that it is “unacceptable that anyone should fear for their life because of the way they live.”

He continued: “I strongly condemn yesterday’s attack in which two people died. No form of extremism is allowed.”

A march to honour the victims and condemn hatred against LGBTQ+ people has been scheduled for 14 October outside the Teplaren bar.