Trisha Paytas has been accused of “outrageous click bait” after ‘coming out’ as trans.

The controversial YouTube star and former Celebrity Big Brother contestant released a video on their channel (which we won’t embed here) titled “I AM TRANSGENDER (FEMALE TO MALE)” in which they claimed to identify as a trans gay man.

“I identify with men better. People always think there’s something wrong with me, because I don’t have that many girl friends. I do love girls and I love their sensitivity, but that’s why I identify as more of a gay man, because I like guys, but I also identify as a guy,” she said.

“I’ve always just been attracted to guys, but not straight guys, I’ve aways been attracted to gay guys, so that’s why I’ve always felt like maybe I’m a gay man.”

She continued: “The final thing that brings it full transgender is that I’ve always had penis envy, I’ve always thought my life would be easier if I had that part, where if I asserted myself I wouldn’t be a bitch I’d be a man.”

Elsewhere in the video, Trisha she will continue using her birth name and female pronouns, but did so at the expense of non-binary and gender nonconforming people by saying it’s “super confusing” when people use ’they’ and ‘them’ pronouns.

“I don’t love pronouns like they and them, because that’s super confusing, I think, personal opinion, because I know that Sam Smith recently was like, ‘I’m a they’, or something,” she continued.

“I choose not to identify as multiple personalities. So I get it, but I don’t think you necessarily have to choose one gender, I think you can be a guy some days and you can be a girl some days, and that’s how I feel.”

Trisha explained that she decided to open up about her gender identity after dressing up as Zac Efron’s High School Musical character Troy Bolton, which she says left her feeling “liberated”.

“Last week I had the ‘boy’ haircut which is short, and I’ve never felt more liberated in my life. I wasn’t getting looks from gross straight men, I didn’t have to do my hair in the morning… I could just roll out of be and go,” she explained.

But things got confusing when, towards the end of the video, she said that while she “one thousand per cent” thinks she’s trans, she also “one thousand per cent” identifies with her “natural born gender”.

“In my head I feel like I’m a female transgender to male but also like a drag queen… I don’t like to be the centre of attention, except for when I want to be the centre of attention,” she said.

“Think of like a drag queen: they do their full glam and everything but in their day to day they’re not, they’re very low-key, whatever.”

The video has faced backlash from many in the LGBTQ community who have accused Trisha of “outrageous click bait” and trans-baiting.

“Honestly the video has me so upset I’m crying I’ve worked so fucking hard to be accepted and shit like this makes me look like a joke,” wrote one Twitter user.

“Bitch it was all fun and games until you became part of the problem. Thank you for CONTRIBUTING to a trend that makes actual trans people get treated like they’re less than valid,” added another.

“Trisha it’s not about how you dress it’s literally that you’re 100% okay with your birth gender and you only feel like a guy [because] you have guy friends and wanna date gay guys and have short hair you cannot just choose to be trans like that,” a third said.

Others encouraged people to report the video.

“Report this tweet. Using gender identity as click bait is a privileged act of violence. I’m not gonna stand for it. I don’t care what it’s actually about. The headline and photo used cannot be serious,” wrote drag queen Vicky Vox.

“Trans people are murdered for quietly trying to live their life. Big NOPE.”

“This clickbait convoluted BULLSHIT gets a big ole YIKES from me. I don’t hate Trisha like some do… I just don’t pay attention to her. But this shit right here girl fuck alll the way off,” wrote Drag Race star Tatianna.

“She knew exactly what reaction she was going to receive for this.”