The Enfield Town Council has voted in a majority ruling to ban pride flags and only allow American flag, the Connecticut state flag and military flags on town property.

On 8 January, the town council featured “Resolution to Adopt a Policy for the Display and Flying of Flags on Town Property” on the agenda.

During the meeting, council proposed and questioned the new policy that was passed in a close six-to-five majority and “repealed” any previous policies regarding flags.

The new policy states that “only the American flag, state of Connecticut flag, MIAPOW flag and the flags of the various military services of the United States may be displayed or flown on town owned real property including but not limited to buildings and grounds.”

Initially the first draft included town-owned vehicles, furniture, furnishings, however this was amended to only town buildings and flag poles, excluding grounds.

During the questioning portion, Democrat councillor-at-large Gina Cekala called out the alleged “ridiculous” rationale for the policy: “The real reason is you don’t want that Pride flag up on this town hall, which is absolutely disgusting.”

Despite the concerns raised, the motion passed.

Brandon Jewell, president of PFLAG Enfield (the Enfield branch of the organisation dedicated to supporting, educating, and advocating for LGBTQIA+ people and their families), issued a written statement on Tuesday morning (9 January), citing the organisation’s disappointment at the council’s decision.

“This decision sends a clear message that the LGBTQ+ community is not welcomed and supported by the town,” Jewell wrote.

“This is a step backward from the inclusivity and acceptance that our town should strive to embody. In response to this disheartening decision, PFLAG Enfield is calling upon LGBTQ+ individuals, allies and supporters to come together and demonstrate their solidarity. We invite you to dress in pride attire, bring your flags and rally at the next town council meeting on Jan. 22 at 6:30 p.m.”

Enfield Pride later expressed ‘deep sadness’ at the decision, tweeting: “Let us be clear that Enfield Pride will continue to work everyday to raise visibility of the queer community in the town of Enfield.

“We will encourage Enfield businesses and citizens to display a flag during June and all year. Our hope is that even without a flag on town hall you will see more rainbows this year than last.”