We have to stan!

Switzerland has taken massive steps towards LGBTQ+ equality and rights.

The Swiss National Council approved a bill that includes the legalization of same-sex marriage, allowing transgender people to change their gender legally, and also grant lesbian couples the ability to use sperm banks.

Switzerland has become the 29th country that has made same-sex marriage legal.

Olga Baranova from the Marriage For All campaign expressed her excitement for the new laws, stating: “We’ve been waiting for this for seven years.”

The request to legalise same-sex marriage was first brought to the upper house of Switzerland legislature back in 2013.

“This is not only a milestone in the fight for the rights of the Swiss LGBT population, but also an important victory for their dignity, their acceptance, and their inclusion in society,” said the Marriage For All campaign group.

Even with the passing of this monumental bill, there is still a possibility of a national referendum on marriage equality.

Matthias Erhardt of the Rainbow Family Association in Switzerland accepts the potential challenge, stating: “If the opposition wants to start a referendum, we’re ready.”

He continued: “We have 82% of the population behind us and thanks to the mobilizing strength of the LGBT community, our partner organization, and political parties support us. We are going to increase the acceptance of LGBT people in society even more if there is a referendum campaign.”

Although progress is being made, some have already spotted the need for improvement – specifically when it comes to the trans community.

The new bill only allows people 16 and up to change their gender legally without parental consent.

Alex Recher the head of legal services at Transgender Network Switzerland opened up to Reuters about the bill, stating: “On the one hand, we’re super happy there will be this legal gender recognotion based on self-determination, in a very quick and simple procedure.

“But on the other hand, it’s a major step back for those under 16.”