Four-time Survivor contestant Ozzy Lusth has come out as bisexual and called on Republicans to let people “live with dignity.”

The 40-year-old first competed on the reality television series back in 2006 on Cook Islands, finishing as the runner-up to Yul Kwon.

He has returned three times and made a name for himself as one of the best castaways to ever play the game, being the only contestant to make the merge four times.

Since appearing on the show, Ozzy has consistently spoken out against certain Republican politicians and bills.

“And for my Republican Colleagues, and anyone else who matters, Yeah I’m Bisexual,” he wrote on Twitter on 8 April.

“Am I committing crimes?? If so come get me. Let us ALL live with dignity.

“Ask yourself if you support people, or the fucked dogma you’ve been fed. #ozzyisBi”

In a follow-up message to his “conservative fans,” Ozzy asked them to “please realise nature is not a choice.”

Since his latest run on Survivor’s 34th season, Game Changers, Ozzy has launched a successful career on OnlyFans and frequently advocated for the rights of sex workers.

Responding to fans asking about his preferred sex position, he joked: “Admitting I’m Bi the only question y’all have is; Top or Top?”

Ozzy broke several records during his time on the show and is one of six cast members to win five individual Immunity Challenges in a season, the record for a single season.

You can follow Ozzy on Twitter here.