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Police in Salt Lake City are investigating after a series of Pride flags were found burnt in the Utah capital.

On the morning of 3 July, authorities were called to a home where the owner reported that their flag had been cut down and burnt.

Officers quickly learned of at least four other Pride flags that were vandalised in the area, police confirmed.

It is believed that the vandalism took place between 1 and 1:30am local time.

“The Salt Lake City Police Department recognizes our responsibility to investigate hate crimes thoroughly and impartially to hold offenders accountable and ensure justice for survivors,” Salt Lake City PD said in a statement. “The Salt Lake City Police Department educates its officers and works with our community to recognize, and condemn, hate crimes and works to prevent them from occurring in the future.”

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Photos of some of the flags were shared on social media, one of which is shown to be in ashes on the ground.

“The effects of a hate crime or bias crime incident can be devastating and long-lasting for both the individual victims and the larger community,” police wrote on Twitter alongside the images.

“Hate has no place in our community.”

Those living in the area of South Washington Street have been asked to check their home surveillance and/or doorbell cameras to see if they captured the suspect.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call 801-799-3000.