Vitaly Milonov, a homophobic Russian MP, is presenting a new reality TV series where contestants have to figure out which of them is gay to win.

During his time as a Member of the State Duma, the far-right politician has made a name for himself as the author of the country’s notorious anti-gay ‘propaganda’ law.

The 48-year-old is now presenting the online series, titled I’m Not Gay, and is featured prominently in its first episode.

“Finding a gay in our country is like finding a working McDonald’s,” he can be heard saying during a voiceover. “They definitely exist but there are very few of them and not everyone knows about them.”

At the end of each episode, the eight men competing have to vote out the contestant they think is the gay one.

They each share the two million rubles (£21,000) prize if they guess correctly, but if the gay man manages to avoid detection, he takes home the money.

“I hope that you will quickly figure out the gay,” Milonov told competitors at the start of the show, making a throat-slitting gesture as he did so.

When they voted out the wrong person at the end of episode one, he said that they had “killed an innocent person.”

Despite homosexuality being legal in Russia since 1993, LGBTQ+ people face ongoing societal challenges in the country.

Same-sex marriage continues to be illegal and it is a crime to promote a ‘homosexual lifestyle’ to minors there.

Hate crimes based on sexual orientation and gender identity are not prohibited by law, and no anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ+ exist.

Gay men are continuously ridiculed on television in Russia, with I’m Not Gay seeing those involved compete in challenges where they have to resist the urge to find men attractive and/or prove that they are sexually attracted to women.

You can watch the first episode, which is 52-minutes-long, below or by clicking here.