RuPaul has shared why Drag Race is such an important series given the “very strange time” we are all living through.

The show, which was recently renewed for a 15th season, is one of the biggest LGBTQ+ platforms on television.

“The show is just built to showcase our contestants’ stories and they come with the fight,” RuPaul explained on Deadline’s Contenders TV series. “They come with the courage and the bravery. It’s inherent in their own story. In creating a landscape and an atmosphere where they can feel free enough to tell their stories, the world gets to hear how to navigate these treacherous waters. Young people get to hear our kids, our contestants’ stories and learn from them how to fight and how to continue to be courageous.”

She added that those working on Drag Race “encourage the kids on our show and the kids who are watching out there to find your tribe.”

“Because during those tough times, they are the ones who will carry you through and who will remind you of who you are, how fabulous you are and to not take it all too seriously,” she further stated.

RuPaul also stated that we are “in such a very strange time” which makes amplifying the voices of the community more important than ever – especially when it comes to politics.

She continued: “All of the rights that we fought long and hard for could easily slip away. We’ve watched it with Roe v. Wade, so it’s important that our voices are heard not only on our show, but at the polls.”

The upcoming season of Drag Race is yet to be given a release date, though it is expected some time this year.

Its latest season of All Stars, which was made up entirely of former winners, was met with acclaim from both fans and critics alike.

You can watch the trailer below or by clicking here.