RuPaul called out the “unruly” people refusing to wear masks on aeroplanes in a hilarious televised rant.

The Drag Race host has been guest-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live and gave his “rules for the unruly” in a monologue on the show.

During the segment on the 25 August episode, RuPaul discussed anti-maskers and those causing chaos on flights.

He offered up some suggestions to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA), who previously discouraged bad behaviour on aircrafts with the slogan: “Unruly behaviour doesn’t fly.”

According to the FAA, there have been almost 4,000 cases of unruly passengers on flights this year alone – with 3,000 of these refusing to wear masks as is required.

RuPaul criticised those who drink too much alcohol when flying, explaining that people “shouldn’t have more drinks than there are flight attendants”.

He went on to complain about those that do not “keep their emotional baggage” to themselves, suggesting that they focus more on putting their actual luggage in the correct place.

“People need to be told,” he said of anti-maskers refusing to follow basic aircrafts.

“If you don’t own the plane, you don’t make the rules.

“That’s right. So, put your mask on, watch the Boss Baby and shut the fuck up, bitch!”

RuPaul’s words of wisdom were met with a round of applause from the crowd, who all appeared to be wearing masks.

Earlier this week, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Secret Celebrity Drag Race and Untucked were all renewed for new seasons by VH1.

Season 13 of Drag Race saw the series’ biggest-ever shared audience of 1.3 million viewers thanks to the six-network simulcast premiere in January, making it no surprise that VH1 said “Shantay, you stay” to the show.

Alongside the main series’ 14th season, the accompanying fan favourite Untucked will be making a return – as well as the second season of RuPaul’s Secret Celebrity Drag Race.

In a network statement, RuPaul said: “I am extremely grateful to all the amazing and talented Drag Race queens – past, present and future – that continue to inspire us to find new ways to tell their stories.

“Through love, light and laughter, they remind all of us that the most powerful thing you can do is to become the image of your own imagination.”