A new mental health platform created by and for queer East & Southeast Asian people has launched in the UK.

RED FLAGGED is a community organisation founded by Ed Lee and Alex Han to create an uplifting and supporting environment for queer ESEA people; an often overlooked and underserved group of people in London and beyond.

The community group’s aim is to provide free therapy, drive awareness, hold community events and create social content for queer ESEA people, while fostering an uplifting and supporting environment for them.

This has led to RED FLAGGED launching AA – Asians Anonymous – a mental health platform that offers free group in-person therapy with queer ESEA therapists, aimed at queer ESEA people, monthly for the next 12 months.

Its founders felt the need for the service to overcome cultural stigma around seeking therapy, as well as grave challenges finding therapists who understand both the ESEA and queer experience.

The sessions will be led by a different ESEA therapist each quarter, allowing them to offer a varied spectrum of the lived experiences across the ESEA community.

They will be hosted at Queer Britain in King’s Cross, London and facilitated by award-winning mental health app VODA.

“This platform was created based on personal experiences as queer and Asian,” said founder Ed Lee. “My journey has been challenging, facing unique obstacles rooted in our cultures.

“The launch was met with an overwhelming response from the community, with them finally feeling seen. If our work at RED FLAGGED can help a young ESEA queer person lead a happier life, then we have accomplished our goal.”

Fellow founder Alex Han added: “As an ESEA diaspora, the journey can be both powerful and enriching. We are exposed to different cultures, ways of thinking, and an array of emotions.

“At the same time, these same intersections, unique points of view, and intense highs and lows can be overwhelming and impact one’s self esteem and confidence.

“At RED FLAGGED, we believe that ‘a healthy you is a healthy community’, and our new platform, AA (Asian Anonymous), can help ESEA queers better navigate their unique challenges and become a healthier and better you.”

Sign-up for AA is free and available now with the first in-person group therapy session taking place on 12 July.

The sessions will then continue for the next year on every second Friday of the month.

You can follow RED FLAGGED on Instagram here and visit their website here.