“Some days, I feel a little more on the ‘gay’ side than others.”

Rebecca Black has come out as a member of the LGBTQ community.

The singer, who rose to fame in 2011 with her viral hit Friday, spoke about her sexuality for the first time on a recent episode of the Dating Straight podcast, admitting that she has recently been through a breakup with a woman.

“I made a conscious decision to not, like, ‘come out,'” she said on video to hosts Jack Dodge and Amy Ordman. “People started asking and I stopped not responding. I’m still in the process, it feels like.”

Black said she’s hesitant to put a label on her sexuality because her feelings regularly change, but identifies as queer.

“Every day is different. It’s something that over the past few years I’ve obviously been having a lot of conversations with myself. I think to me the word ‘queer’ feels really nice. I’ve dated a lot of different types of people,” she said.

“I don’t really know what the future holds. Some days I feel a little more on the gay side than others.”

The star continued to say that she’s not looking for a relationship at this current moment in time. “I don’t really want to date right now, but even if I did, I have no choice,” she joked. “Unless I want to get on Raya and Skype date them? No.”

In a YouTube video earlier this year, Rebecca said she admires the LGBTQ community because “they embrace inclusiveness.”

“I definitely see sexuality as being on a spectrum,” she continued. “You can definitely be on one end of the spectrum or the other. With there being a spectrum, there is this huge middle ground. I definitely see myself as being on that spectrum.”

Watch Rebecca Black come out as queer on the Dating Straight podcast below.