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In 2023, GAY TIMES sought out emerging queer photographers and help them break into the world of arts, media or advertising.

The lack of funding and opportunities in the arts is one of the key reasons we see a shortage of LGBTQIA+ representation in media and advertising. Breaking into photography as a career can be difficult, especially with the associated equipment costs and a need for experience.

Neffy, a non-binary photographer hand-picked by GAY TIMES, captured queer inclusivity at Mobolise, Fatt Project’s sober party. “Mobolise has brought a little something different to Birmingham – which has a vibrant queer scene mainly centred around drinking culture that comes with restrictions – which and that is creating an inclusive environment for those individuals the mainstream scene does not necessarily cater for,” they explain.

“Mobolise has shown that it is possible to create a sober environment while catering to the needs of a specific part of the community,” Nefft tells GAY TIMES. “It has in turn put a  spotlight on the importance of integrating all parts of the queer community so no one is left behind.”

Keep an eye out for more interviews spotlighting emerging LGBTQIA+ photographers in the coming weeks.