Research from Stonewall and Ipsos has suggested that Britain is entering a new era of LGBTQ+ diversity thanks to Gen Z.

The new poll revealed that only 66% of people in the country identify as being exclusively attracted to people of the opposite sex.

Approximately 40% of Gen Z said they have same-sex attractions, with only 53% saying they are only interested in people of the opposite sex.

The data also suggested that 2% of of people in Britain identify as asexual, meaning they do not experience sexual attraction but may still experience romantic attraction.

“This ground-breaking new report shows that our lives as LGBTQ+ people are more visible and connected to our friends and families,” said Stonewall CEO Nancy Kelley.

“It is also amazing to see that younger generations are no longer afraid to be themselves and have supportive families and social environments to thrive.

“This profound sea-change in our identity and orientation indicates that the idea of a ‘culture war’ often referenced in parts of the media is a misnomer being propagated by a narrow section of society, out of touch with – and unwilling to accept – the reality of our diverse, inter-connected communities.”

The data was taken from three surveys from Ipsos’s online Omnibus service using a representative quota sample of 2,150 Britons.

For the sake of the data, Gen Z was defined as those aged 16 to 26, Millennials 27 to 42, Gen Z 43 to 56 and Baby Boomers 56 to 75.