He praised his ex-girlfriend for helping him come to terms with his sexuality.

Model Adonis Bosso, who has been front and centre on high-fashion runways and magazine spreads over the past seven years, has come out as sexually fluid.

In an interview with The Cut, Adonis praised his ex-girlfriend, model Slick Woods, who he co-parents their son with, for helping him to understand himself better.

“Being with someone that was so open with herself got me more comfortable to just be where I am, without necessarily having to feel like I need to answer anyone,” he explained.

“I don’t necessarily believe in labels. I feel like I could fall in love with anyone, regardless of their sex, or their orientation, or anything. I feel like love is energy.”


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Adonis was born in the West African country Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire, a country where homosexuality is legal, but the LGBTQ+ community still faces massive challenges.

He reflected that some in his home country may not accept him, saying: “There are still people back home that are looking up to me, it’s still new to them.” He then defiantly added: “But I’m not afraid.”

Outside of modelling, Adonis is also known as a music artist, creating music and poems under the name of Septumpapi. In October, he released No More, a song about how love can sometimes be a chase.

The music video, which features Slick, sees animated versions of the pair throughout time and space with visuals featuring spaceships and ancient civilisations.

Adonis explained that the song was for the couple’s son and to “leave little journals and little time capsules of things for him to understand who his parents are.”

He added: “What better way to do so then to have a cartoon where his mom and dad are both superheroes?”

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