A group of MMA fighters offered to act as security for a drag brunch in West Virginia after a number of “threats” resulted in its cancellation.

The show was due to be held at the Primantis Bros restaurant in the area of Wheeling, though promoters S&S Productions announced it would not go ahead as planned on 10 February.

“We were so incredibly excited to bring you a fabulous brunch to Wheeling WV,” it said in a Facebook statement on 3 February. “[Unfortunately] due to the amount of threats towards Primantis, the entertainers, & sometimes even patrons, we’ve decided for the [safety] of everyone involved to cancel the event. We [couldn’t] wait to party with you all, support the local lgbtqia+ community, and show that a little glitter never hurt anyone.”

In response to the post, Ohio Valley MMA owner Johnny Haught offered the support of he and some of his fighters to work the event if it gets rescheduled.

“I’m sure we can make sure the event stays safe,” he added.

READ MORE: There have been at least 141 attacks on drag events in the US this year, report finds

The event’s cancellation comes after a GLAAD report found that drag events faced at least 141 protests and significant threats in the US last year.

There were reports of said attacks in 47 states, with Texas and North Carolina having the highest number at 20 and 10, respectively, followed by eight in Illinois and six in both Tennessee and California.

“A number of the drag events targeted by threats and protests in person were first targeted by right-wing media outlets like Fox News and the Daily Wire, and social media accounts like LibsOfTikTok,” the report stated. “The outlets and accounts often misrepresented what would occur at upcoming drag events, spinning them as harmful to children, and protests or threats would follow.”

GLAAD’s research was predominantly conducted using news reports across all 50 states, with the LGBTQ+ advocacy group noting that it is likely more incidents occurred that were not covered.